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additional consumers visited the site
lower cost per acquisition than client’s goal
visited the site within just six hours after seeing an ad

“Our goal was to find the most cost-effective and best ways to reach the uninsured through digital media and advertising. Dstillery’s strategy helped us exceed that goal.”

–Kevin Counihan, director and marketplace CEO at CMS


Enroll America, the nation’s leading health care enrollment coalition, wanted a better understanding of their audience so that they could drive engagement with their site. They asked Dstillery to help build audience profiles and connect more consumers to health coverage.


Dstillery launched a geo-targeted campaign across 11 states to find consumers in need of health coverage and encourage them to enroll.  First, we identified Enroll America’s website visitors in the past 30 days and used our proprietary data technology to expand that audience to users who had similar behavioral patterns.  We used these new audience segments to geo-target even more consumers in market for health insurance.  Since each of the states was in a different region of the country, this prospecting engagement was performed 11 separate times to ensure that the right consumers were reached in each state.


Dstillery provided Enroll America with a detailed consumer profile that included the top places visited by their target audiences, the devices used and the types of content consumed.  Once we launched the geo-targeting campaign, we determined the ad formats generating the most engagement as well as the best timing by day of week and time of day to serve ads.


Enroll America measured their campaign success by cost per email acquisition and cost per enrollment.  By reaching more consumers at a better-than-anticipated CPA, Enroll America was able to extend the campaign to drive even more leads.


41%: More consumers visited the site on the first day of the campaign and of that group


52%: Visited the site within just six hours after seeing an ad


40%: Lower cost per acquisition than client’s goal with our use of detailed data to reach the right audience

All Devices, All Channels

Let’s face it, we’re all on our devices online all the time. We’ve got your back and will deliver your message across Mobile, Desktop and Video.

Location, Location, Location

We capture mobile location insights and infuse with desktop behaviors to optimize targeting across all channels. We do it privacy friendly too.

Not Big Data, Better Data

Bigger is not always better. Often up to 20% of data is dirty.  We root out bots, bad location data and fraud. Work with our award winning data science.