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in-store visits driven
bump in actual in-store purchases
increase in store visits

With consumers juggling so many devices, marketers are challenged to figure out the contributions of each channel to purchase decisions.  A leading department store wanted to drive both store visits and in-store purchases through a cross-channel display advertising campaign.


Dstillery created customized segments that incorporated digital and location-based signals to identify in-market consumers and target them with high-quality placements across the web. Then, we identified mobile devices associated with those in-market consumers.  Finally, we partnered with Placed, a leading location analytics and mobile attribution company, to help the retailer measure the impact of digital ad exposure on store visits and sales.


Placed tracked how many consumers exposed to the brand’s online advertising subsequently visited store locations or made an in-store purchase.  The campaign led to more than 15,000 additional store visits — a staggering 34% increase — and a 5 percent bump in actual in-store purchases.  For the first time, Placed and Dstillery successfully measured the impact of targeted desktop impressions on offline store visits and sales.

All Devices, All Channels

Let’s face it, we’re all on our devices online all the time. We’ve got your back and will deliver your message across Mobile, Desktop and Video.

Location, Location, Location

We capture mobile location insights and infuse with desktop behaviors to optimize targeting across all channels. We do it privacy friendly too.

Fresh Data, No Waste

Don’t rely on yesterday’s data. We score and rank audiences continuously so you reach the freshest prospects.