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increase in conversions if consumer viewed a targeted ad prior
more likely to visit the site on a desktop if consumers viewed a mobile ad
increase in site visitation when consumer viewed a tablet ad

A leading U.S. telecommunications provider of high-speed internet, phone and cable services wanted to learn how mobile advertising could help them gain new customers. They turned to Dstillery to help them gain a better understanding of their customers’ path to purchase as well as support a campaign to drive new customers to buy their high-speed internet services.


Dstillery identified the telecommunications company’s likely prospects by using our proprietary algorithm to determine consumers who are in-market for their services. Our technology incorporates a wide variety of multi-device intelligence including mobile location data and online behavior. We used this data to build a custom, brand-relevant audience segment for our client. Then, we identified the mobile devices associated with those in-market consumers so we can target our client’s ads to their mobile devices.


Next, we needed to measure the success of the ad campaign and determine how many consumers bought the telecommunications company’s internet services. To do this, Dstillery looked at the number of consumers in the segment that changed internet service providers since being exposed to the client’s ad.


Dstillery’s unique targeting capabilities and innovative use of data helped the telecom brand identify and engage likely prospects, driving measureable, cross-channel impact.


Consumers that Dstillery pre-qualified as “in-market” were 250 percent more likely to visit the brand’s web site. Consumers who saw at least one of the brand’s mobile ads switched their internet service provider 20% more often than consumers who did not see the ad. Consumers who saw the brand’s ads on mobile devices were 25% more likely to visit the client’s web site from their desktop. Consumers who saw the ads on tablets were 40% more likely to visit.


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We capture mobile location insights and infuse with desktop behaviors to optimize targeting across all channels. We do it privacy friendly too.

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