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higher attributed order volume when using multi-touch vs last touch attribution
increase in budget over five years
more efficient with multi-touch vs. last touch attribution

Premier global advertising agency MEC, and Dstillery, a leader in the digital programmatic space, have partnered to drive new customer acquisitions on behalf of a major telecommunications client. Over the last five years, the partnership between MEC and Dstillery has grown and evolved to include new lines of business and continual improvement in driving new customer acquisitions in this most competitive of categories.


Dstillery focuses on helping brands reach new audiences across mobile, desktop and video at moments that matter, powering the most innovative marketers at a 97% retention rate. These partnerships thrive with a daily focus on optimization and a fully dedicated customer service team.



The telecommunications marketplace is changing rapidly, and the competitive pressures have never been more intense. By discovering and reaching new, in-market audiences, Dstillery and MEC have been able to increase order volume and generate explosive cross-channel, incremental growth.  

They consistently deliver results.  We really appreciate how attentive their client service team is to all the nuances of our business.

— Karen Lewis Kwarta, Managing Partner, Practice Lead MEC


MEC, Dstillery and the client agreed on the best approach.



  • Use Dstillery’s proprietary prospecting technology as a part of the multichannel approach to acquire new customers


  • Incorporate the telecom giant’s 1st party data to build an act-alike strategy based off their best customers to craft unique audience segments.


  • Capture the consumers’ online and offline behavior using their location intelligence to gain actionable insights to influence those best primed for the brand message.



Dynamically score and rank each audience segment daily using a rigorous eight-step clean impression process to prevent wasted impressions.



Unparallelled standard of quality was a must, meaning no innaccurate locations, no campaign overlap and using only the highest quality inventory in the industry – Dstillery’s forte. Good service and proactive analysis served as invaluable support and provided an extra touch that really made a difference to MEC.


The ability to capture and influence online behavior to drive acquisitions was the key to this successful partnership.


  • Our attributed order volume was 82% higher when using multi-touch attribution versus last touch


  • Dstillery was 48% more efficient when looking at multi-touch attribution compared to last touch attribution


  • Budget increased by 1,578% over five years

YOY Investment Growth

Dstillery saw a 1,578% investment growth increase Yr1 through Yr5.

Not Big Data, Better Data

Bigger is not always better. Often up to 20% of data is dirty.  We root out bots, bad location data and fraud. Work with our award winning data science.

Location, Location, Location

We capture mobile location insights and infuse with desktop behaviors to optimize targeting across all channels. We do it privacy friendly too.

A New Standard in Quality

We rank highest in our industry on clean inventory, lower than direct publisher. Don’t take our word for it. Ask IAS or WhiteOp