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by Dstillery Contributor


Digital-Life-Design (DLD) brings together business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and influencers for crossover conversation and inspiration. The Economist refers to DLD as one of Europe’s leading conferences on innovation, so of course innovation was served hot at the conference in New York. Dstillery and other representatives from technology, art and data were invited to attend with the goal of translating  new ideas and concepts into business opportunities.  There are a few ideas below that we will keep on our short list of trends that could change consumer behavior.


– Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is already laying the grounds for a test Hyperloop travel (proposed by Elon Musk) as part of a theme park in California. The benefit: implementation of hyperloop is 1/10 the cost of fast trains, plus you could go from LA to San Fran in just 30 minutes!

–  Rimowa Electric Tag GmbH is minimizing travel logistics and wait time with their new suitcase that works directly with your mobile airline check-in app — sending a bag tag directly to the suitcase. Lufthansa is already on board and other airlines are taking off with this idea.

– Sidewalk Labs has created FLOW, a transportation coordination platform that uses analytics and messaging to help cities work with citizens to increase the efficiency of road, parking, and transit use, improving access to mobility for all. Think dynamic parking – routing drivers directly to available parking – and testing autonomous vehicles.


What exactly are blockchains? The continuously growing, digital ledger used to record all Bitcoin transactions.

Don Tapscott of The Tapscott Group talked about the creation of the internet of value (a peer to peer, encrypted currency vehicle) vs. the internet of information. IoV is possible due to blockchains, which allow us to create trust based transactions and allow us to move away from the central middleman (banks, credit cards, Google, Apple, etc.).

–  Verisart is using blockchains to eliminate the historical issue of verifying authenticity and ownership of artists’ work. With many art purchases moving online, collectors and insurers can perform verifications using Verisart’s worldwide catalog of certificates in real time.


– Purnima Kochikar from Google Play discussed how they support Andriod app developers and how ‘app publishers are moving away from acquisition as a strategy toward re-engagement.’

– Justin Smith from Bloomberg Media Group emphasized that media companies need to change by transforming the talent and avoiding small incremental changes — rip the Band-Aid off!