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Brand Innovators

The Future of Consumer Experience and Retail — building long term sustainable relationships with your consumers, trust, and communities and networks of users — is the holy grail of brand management. The Internet and digital media, in general, is impacting every aspect of the consumer experience. Powerful new tools, including digital video, social media, mobile devices and tablets, in-game advertising, content marketing, and gamification have empowered both brands and their consumers. As we move from an analog to digital culture and from mass communication to a more personalized approach to the consumer experience, it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to retail their products and services more effectively and most efficiently. Brand Innovators Future of Consumer Experience and Retail will provide brand marketers, from Fortune 500 and other leading brands, with an important forum to share success stories and best practices about what’s working to engage consumers.

Dstillery’s Tobey Van Santvoord will moderate a Fireside Chat with Ruth Yomtoubian, Director at AT&T Foundry, AT&T.

Tobey Van Santvoord
RVP, Sales West