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Financial Women’s Association

Chief Scientist Claudia Perlich will speak at the Financial Women’s Association “How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are Transforming Your World” panel.


You may know a little about Big Data and for certain are benefiting from artificial intelligence when you tell your GPS where you want to go or ask Siri to call your mom.

But the magnitude of Big Data and its impact on Artifical Intelligence is transforming your world in ways not seen since Edison turned on his first electric light.

Never before have companies been able to harness huge amounts of data through computerization and use the outcomes to make decisions to solve real business problems. For example, one of our panelists will describe how her organization is using Big Data to price all its generic drugs.

Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence by which computers “teach” themselves how to build models for decision making without human programmers. Deep Learning, when combined with Big Data, can inform enabling technologies and transform many sectors. Be sure to register for this panel to hear from our distinguished panel:

–  What exactly are Big Data, AI and Deep Learning

–  What do they mean for your industry

–  Asking the right questions about your data

–  Telling a story with your data

–  Data driven decision making

–  Finding the value in big data

You will learn how big data, AI and Deep Learning will change your life forever.


Claudia Perlich
Chief Scientist