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I-COM Global Summit 2016

Supported by our Patronage Associations, the 7th edition of the I-COM Global Summit will be held on April 18-21st, 2016 in Seville, Spain. The Summit theme is “Making Data Human”.   The I-COM Global Summit is the world’s leading Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the Data Elite gather from around the world to learn, network / trade and lead. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the latest opportunities to achieve business advantage from Marketing Data & Measurement.

Claudia is the co-chair and Lauren is Chief Storyteller of the Hackathon.  Lauren is moderating the panel, Addressing Barriers (Transparency, Viewability, NHT, Ad-blocking, Inventory Quality, Audience Targeting Limitations) to Accelerate Adoption of Programmatic.  Claudia is speaking on the 21st on Data Driven Creativity – Left Brain Meets Right.

Claudia Perlich
Chief Scientist