AI: Overhyped and Misunderstood? Chapter 2

AI: Overhyped and Misunderstood? Chapter 2

Machine Learning 101

In this five-part series from Dstillery, their AI, Machine Learning and Data Science experts will help marketers and market researchers demystify these emerging trends and offer ideas for taking action.

All marketers hold a set of beliefs as to who their customers are and how they behave, supported by years of studies and focus groups. Market researchers have long recognized the limitations of this self-reported behavior and worked within the constraints of customers’ honesty, memory, and introspective abilities. For instance, people aren’t always comfortable answering a pollster’s questions honestly, a phenomenon exemplified by the polls leading up to the 2016 presidential election. People don’t always remember exactly why they took specific actions or made certain decisions, and we are notoriously poor witnesses to our own behavior.

In our digital age, self-reported behavior is a small part of a very large picture. Observed behavioral data allows marketers a view of actions that are taken both online and offline – captured from anonymous web and mobile device IDs. Combined, this data paints a robust picture of the customer journey, giving marketers the power to more accurately predict how people will behave.

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