Dstillery’s High Performance Audiences Now Available in Adobe Audience Manager

Dstillery’s High Performance Audiences Now Available in Adobe Audience Manager

New York, September 6, 2018 Dstillery, the leading applied data science company serving the advertising and marketing industry, today announced the availability of more than 2,000 fresh and dynamic audiences in Adobe Audience Manager, the data management platform within Adobe Analytics Cloud. Now, advertisers can easily access and use Dstillery’s audiences from Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace for targeting, analytics and personalization.

Dstillery audiences are part of the company’s mission to provide marketers with relevant actionable insights across various categories, including Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech. On a daily basis, Dstillery’s high-dimensional models observe, analyze, and synthesize fresh audience insights from billions of daily offline and online consumer interactions. View and search Dstillery’s full list of audiences here.

Brands have accessed Dstillery’s audiences in Adobe Audience Manager for a variety of strategic initiatives to drive campaign performance and business results. For example, a leading financial services brand found Dstillery to be a top performer across four lines of business, beating their cost per opened account benchmark by 90%.

“Brands typically use existing customers for marketing decisions, and new customers for advertising decisions,” said Evan Hills, VP of strategic partnerships, Dstillery. “While breaking down the silos between the marketing and advertising worlds has been covered extensively, the reality is that when it comes to audiences, those silos are still very much intact. Dstillery’s partnership with Adobe gives marketers access to the vast quantity of consumer data points that lives in the advertising space, and guidance for applying this intelligence to both advertising and marketing use cases. This includes site personalization, email, display and video, ensuring consistent messaging and interactions at all consumer touch points.”

“In today’s market, advertisers want the highest performance with the greatest degree of efficiency,” said Cody Crnkovich, head of platform partners and strategy at Adobe. “By combining the power of Adobe Audience Manager and Dstillery’s digitally sourced audiences, advertisers can ensure consumers are actively part of the right audience and avoid wasting spend on consumers outside their target audience, or on fraudulent impressions.”

To learn more, visit Dstillery’s featured partner page at http://www.adobe-audience-finder.com/data_partner/dstillery/ or contact data@dstillery.com.

About Dstillery

Dstillery is the marketing & advertising industry's leading applied data science company, helping Fortune 500 companies and brands unlock their growth potential by finding and targeting their highest value prospective customers.

Since 2008, Dstillery’s team of data scientists and engineers has earned the industry's top distinctions for brand safety, machine learning innovation and high performance media activation. We deliver actionable consumer insights from our reference data set of over 300 million anonymous US online and offline behavioral profiles that are updated on a daily basis, driving the full spectrum of marketing research and media business objectives. That’s why marquee brands in Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech use Dstillery’s platform to access insights, data and activation solutions to create more meaningful consumer touch points across multiple channels.

To learn more, visit us at www.dstillery.com or follow us on Twitter @Dstillery.

About Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is the core system of intelligence for the experience business. Adobe Analytics Cloud combines Adobe Audience Manager, the leading data and audience management platform, and Adobe Analytics, the industry leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed audience segmentation across all marketing channels. Adobe Analytics Cloud enables modern-intelligence teams to instantly create value from data by collecting and connecting a variety of customer engagement points, applying a customer journey lens to contextualize customer experiences, and utilizing modern measurement tools that enable self-service data science for the masses. Insights surfaced through Adobe Analytics can immediately be activated in Adobe Audience Manager for action in customer-touching technologies to deliver compelling experiences in the moments that matter.

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