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Read the full article by Christopher Zara on Fast Company

The folks at Dstillery, an ad-tech firm, sent me a pretty cool “attention graph” that maps out what we paid attention to during Sunday night’s Oscars telecast. The chart below shows ad bids generated by people’s mobile devices. It’s inverted, so the spikes represent the moments where those bids decreased—meaning people stopped fiddling with their phones and paid attention to their TVs.

Clearly, there’s a huge spike at the end of the night when La La Land was erroneously crowned Best Picture. But some of the other spikes are interesting too. The second largest comes a little before 9:00 p.m. ET, right around the time Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali was named Best Supporting Actor. Another interesting detail is how device activity jumps back up again right after the big events—showing how people are grabbing their phones and posting on social media about what they just saw.

Credit Dstillery’s chief scientist, Claudia Perlich, with figuring out this neat trick for measuring attention. I spoke with her last year about how she did a similar thing for the Super Bowl.