Map: Actionable Geospatial Audience Insights

Map: Actionable Geospatial Audience Insights


Where are your customers? Where are they most often? Where are your competitors? With thousands of audience building models that inform where devices are showing up, Map is able to answer these types of questions. Once users log into Map, they see a visualization of their brand’s target audience. This brings a new level of scale and resolution to geospatial insights for brands.


"Map brings the digital and physical worlds together, giving our brand advertiser clients a clear view of where their best potential consumers are and allowing us to optimize media investment to the most efficient locations."

- Eric Z. Sherman, SVP Insights & Analytics at GSTV



  • Apply real-world insights and data-driven targeting to campaigns
  • Engage more relevant audiences for local campaigns
  • Perform smarter geographic market segmentation
  • Customizable audience creation you can activate on our DSP, Bartender
  • Digital insights can inform campaigns of any medium
  • 19 months (and counting!) of geospatial insights can speak to trends in your locations


Audience Layer

Choose any combination of audiences from your brand’s first-party data, Dstillery’s Behavioral or Custom Trade Area Visitors.


Place Layer

Visualize your brand’s physical locations by uploading their lat/lon or choose from our Point of Interest Database of over 3M constantly refreshed brick and mortar locations.


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