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Here's the Challenge

Your goal is to establish lifelong customer loyalty but the cost of winning back former customers is significant, so stemming churn before it happens is critical.

Here's the Solution

We don’t stop at acquisition. Our digital intelligence experts build act-alike models by looking at hundreds of consumer attributes and behaviors.


We craft custom segments with clean data to identify customers at risk of churning so you can respond with the appropriate offers and brand engagement.

Not Big Data, Better Data

Bigger is not always better. Often up to 20% of data is dirty.  We root out bots, bad location data and fraud. Work with our award winning data science.

Ultimate Audience Machine

Access to audiences that are ready for your message? Every marketers dream! Right now at your finger tips through our self-serve platform and Open API.

A New Standard in Quality

We rank highest in our industry on clean inventory, lower than direct publisher. Don’t take our word for it. Ask IAS or WhiteOps.

We Can Prove It

In a highly competitive category, our data science identifies at-risk customers to help a major credit card company anticipate churn before it happens, and take steps to deepen customer loyalty.


Our predictive data science models generate a custom segment of at-risk customers, who are served relevant messaging. These churn segments can also be exported through our open API into a CRM system for alternative client retention strategies.

Let Dstillery Find Your Next Customers

We create data-driven marketing solutions that are brand-specific, cross-channel, and tuned to perform.  And we deliver those solutions via platform or API, at whatever service level makes sense for you.