White Paper

Using Digital Signals To Measure Audience Brand Engagement At Major Sports Events: The 2015 MLB Season

MIT Sloan Sport Analytics Conference Business of Sports

Each year corporate brands budget huge sums of money for sports team sponsorships, but few methods exist to validate those expenditures. This research analyzes mobile device location data collected from all MLB stadiums during the 2015 season and the online browsing behavior associated with these devices. By marrying real world location data with online behavioral data, we are able to quantify engagement rates of in-stadium audiences and provide a measurement for the value of in-stadium advertising and team sponsorships.

To achieve this we:

1. Identify mobile devices for every baseball game by individual stadium.
2. Use a robust probabilistic matching algorithm to link mobile devices to a visitor’s other devices, including desktop computers.
3. Calculate an affinity index for the users seen at each stadium, based on online engagement with a brand, interest, or market.

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