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by Dstillery Contributor


The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) recently honored Dstillery for its groundbreaking cross-channel research paper, “Mobile: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” The Dstillery team presented the research at ARF’s Audience Measurement 2014 Conference in June.

The research study shows how marketers can use mobile app data to reach specific brand audiences more effectively across channels. The study demonstrated a strong correlation between mobile app activity and brand engagement online. In other words, the apps you use can predict which brands you’ll like. The Dstillery team used its proprietary “CrossWalk” technology to bridge mobile app activity data with desktop behavioral signals, creating effective cross-channel targeting profiles for marketers.

The study also pointed out the shortcomings of using CTRs for mobile measurement and optimization: As it turns out, apps like Flashlight generate high CTRs regardless of the ads displayed.

Watch Dstillery’s own Gilad Barash discuss the research’s importance for marketers: “Marketers have been hesitant to engage in mobile advertising due to the inability to measure mobile effectiveness,” Barash says. “With our solution, Dstillery can provide clients with optimized mobile audience segments and the ability to measure user engagement beyond the traditional CTR.”