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A new cookieless way to reach your patients – powered by Dstillery’s patented ID-free™ technology

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Custom Patient Targeting is a privacy-safe patient targeting solution designed for healthcare brands. Our product offers the precision and customization you need to drive optimal patient outcomes. 

It doesn’t rely on any form of user-based targeting, ensuring 100% compliance with all laws, policies, and guidelines.

Using AI-powered predictive modeling, we build a just-for-your-condition model that targets individual impressions based on aggregated patient behavior.

Minimize waste and maximize privacy while achieving better DTC precision. Get started today.

Why a solution like Custom Patient Targeting now?

Minimize waste. Maximize privacy.




Drives optimal patient outcomes by minimizing waste

Custom model is built just-for-your-condition and tuned based on your results

Your transparently built model is 100% compliant with HIPAA, NAI, and DSP rules

How it Works

Just-for-your-condition predictive modeling.




We help you define your seed by choosing input(s) for your condition and goals, such as healthcare-specific datasets, first-party data, keywords, and more.

We learn the browsing patterns of anonymous patients in your seed and extend the signals to all websites to build your model

The just-for-your-condition model predicts when and where impression opportunities are found that reach your patients.

A pharma brand reached more relevant patients & drove more prescriber inquiries.


Custom Patient Targeting drove a 171% more efficient CPA than other targeting solutions, including contextual.

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