Building your brand’s awareness is a crucial step for companies trying to make their name in the marketplace. Utilizing programmatic advertising is key to building the foundation for your brand since everyone is always online. While programmatic advertising has a seemingly high barrier to entry, we’re going to break down some of the key components to building a top-of-funnel, awareness-focused marketing campaign.

Programmatic brand awareness campaigns

Programmatic marketing is the perfect entry point for awareness-focused marketing campaigns. Digital advertising offers marketers a variety of media buying options. The most common way to buy digital ads is through real-time bidding (RTB). With RTB auctions, you can access many different kinds of publishers with many types of inventory and audiences. This type of media buying is great for increasing brand awareness because you can get global exposure at a very low price.

Whether your brand is in its early stages or is a marketplace mainstay letting consumers know what you have to offer is undeniably advantageous. It’s important to generate excitement and measure your brand’s reach in the market.

Real-time optimizations

The main benefit of programmatic-based awareness marketing is that it allows your brand to tell its story in a much easier way that is optimized for both reach and cost. Storytelling through programmatic is a data-driven pursuit insofar that advertisers can test and optimize their message by seeing which ads perform best in the market in real-time. The ability to drive and optimize consumer awareness in the moment is an amazing advantage for anyone in the digital marketing space. Your customers are everywhere, and your marketing should be too. People are on their computers or cell phones nearly 9 hours a day and then come home to their smart TVs and tablets for the other 5 hours they’re awake. That’s 14 hours of the waking day where your brand’s message can be a potential customer’s next interest or purchase.

Campaigns that scale

The second and most budget-centric advantage of programmatic advertising regarding brand awareness campaigns is that it provides campaign reach at scale. What do we mean when we say “reach at scale?” Your brand’s reach is directly proportional to how much money your brand invests into the final result. With RTB auctions, you can scale and bid on ad space in real-time, allowing you to see how far your campaign investment goes in the marketplace day by day. The ability to track spend in such a manner allows you to have total control over not just your brand’s narrative but your campaign’s financial investment by being able to optimize against the last week’s or last month’s results.

Actionable analysis and learnings

The last great advantage of programmatic marketing regarding brand awareness campaigns is that when the campaign ends, it allows marketers to understand all of the people who were attracted to their product or campaign and create customer groups from these segments.

This is such a massive win for marketers because it makes the final two portions of the sales funnel – consideration and conversion, so much easier to action against in further programmatic campaigns. By understanding your consumers on a deeper, more demographic level, your brand can craft even sharper and more effective campaigns that speak less generally and more specifically to your target audiences. This information allows every dollar you put into your campaigns to be pushed toward an end result that you control to people that you understand.

Awareness campaigns are the fundamental bread and butter for brand awareness so it’s important to always ensure that you’re exacting the most value when you cast your brand’s widest net. Programmatic ad technology is always evolving to help markets reach their customers in the most effective manner possible.

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