Custom Search Lookalikes

Find the best inventory that targets people searching for your brand’s keywords.

Reach your prospects based on their keyword searches

Unlock the best capabilities of search built for programmatic advertising with Custom Search Lookalikes. We’ve partnered with leading SSPs to curate premium, brand-safe inventory that aligns precisely with your target audience. Since the solution targets curated inventory, not devices, it’s durable and not dependent on third-party cookies or IDs. Every Custom Search Lookalike model is available as a PMP on any DSP. 

Powered by AI and ID-free® technology

Step 1: Select the keywords your customers are likely to search.
Step 2: Our AI learns the browsing patterns of devices in our opted-in panel that search for these keywords.
Step 3: Our patented ID-free® technology extends these patterns to all websites on the internet, finding the most relevant inventory for people who search for your brand’s keywords.

Depending on how precise or broad your keywords are, we can scale your model as much or as little as needed. We package the model as a PMP Deal ID available on any DSP.

Search data from sites that matter

Just-for-your-brand without sharing first-party data

Easy to activate, anywhere

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“Their team is always attentive, quick to respond, & willing to help. They also provide many of the best audience segments our company uses for our clients.”

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