Activation on The Trade Desk

Easy activation & stellar performance with ID-free® supported by The Trade Desk.

Predictive Bidding

Integrated on The Trade Desk

We know that interest in a brand isn’t a binary yes or no decision, so why target like it is? This approach to targeting wastes dollars and misses opportunities for media buyers by missing consumers who are likely to engage with your brand. 

Rather than making binary ‘buy’ or ‘don’t buy’ decisions, our AI predicts the precise value of each impression to your brand and how much you should pay for it. This valuation empowers our models to make efficient buying decisions that allow each campaign dollar to be put to work, reducing campaign spending waste, and ensuring that your budget is diligently focused on your goals.

Unlock the future of programmatic advertising thanks to ID-free® with Predictive Bidding

ID-free® via Contextual Integration

We’ve extended our partnership with The Trade Desk to offer a first-to-market contextual integration of ID-free technology that makes it easier to activate than ever. You can now find ID-free fully integrated on the platform’s contextual marketplace, giving you even more choices for activating ID-free in your campaign.

Why choose ID-free via Contextual Integration?

  • 100% cookieless and privacy-safe technology
  • Complements ID-based solutions, expanding your scale
  • Dstillery’s first contextual integration available on TTD for behavior based models

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