Dstillery values your right to privacy and control over your data that we collect or receive. We believe that all consumers have the right to understand what types of data is collected about them and also to opt-out of data collection and request that their data no longer be used sold directly or via third parties.

How do I learn what types of data is collected and how it is being used?

Dstillery provides details on the types of data we collect and how we use this data on our privacy policy page. You may also contact us at privacy@dstillery.com to learn more.

How do I request that Dstillery stops selling my personal information?

Dstillery provides an easy opt-out mechanism that allows you to opt-out of your data being used and sold for any purposes. This includes audience building, modeling, insights, ad delivery and related services. Simply click on this Opt-Out link which will take you to our opt-out page and automatically identify your cookie and instantly begin the process of removing your device and any associated devices from all Dstillery audiences and deleting data we may have about your browser. In some cases it may take up to 30 days to fully purge your data and remove you from audiences that have been sent to third-party platforms.

It is important to note that opt-out mechanisms work for the browser that you make the request on. If you use multiple web browsers on your device and wish to have data removed and request that this personal information is no longer sold, you will need to make an opt-out request on all browsers that you use.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information (Opt-Out)
Dstillery Privacy Policy