Custom Built Audiences

Easily customize our Pre-built Audiences to achieve your unique campaign goals. No first-party data required.

Reach your prospects

Custom Built is a customized yet easy-to-activate targeting product that reaches your prospects without using first-party data.

Exceed your campaign goals

We take unique combinations of our Pre-built products, with or without a custom data seedset, to create targeting just for your campaign goals. We activate your customized model as a PMP or audience.

Using Dstillery’s ever-growing list of Pre-built Audiences, we can apply boolean logic to create any desired combination. We can get even more granular, creating combinations with specific URLs, locations, or search terms for truly customized results.

Built just-for-your-brand

Data set is built from Dstillery’s licensed 3rd party data partnerships and customized for your brand.

Dynamic prospecting
As your customer’s behavior changes, your audience changes. We hand-pick your audience one by one and re-pick them in near-real time to ensure the highest performance.

Find net new customers
Reach qualified customers who are likely to engage with your brand. Internal studies have shown a 15x lift in conversion rate for those identified in our Custom Built Audiences.

Success Stories


Tombras is on a mission to become the first fully cookieless agency. That’s where Dstillery’s ID-free® technology comes in.

What Clients Are Saying

“Dstillery has consistently delivered top-performing results for the campaigns we used them in. They’re great partners and are always pushing to deliver great results and service.”

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Find Dstillery audiences wherever you already activate media.

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