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Video impressions viewed to completion
Cumulative video completion rate
Above the industry average for video completion rate

A leading quick-serve restaurant chain wanted to identify busy moms during the busy holiday season and incentivize them to bring their families to the restaurant with a discount offer.


Dstillery built a custom audience segment for the client and implemented a “hyperlocal” strategy to reach these prospective customers.


First, we set a geo-fence around all of the restaurant’s brick-and-mortar locations that were near shopping malls and big-box retailers. Then, when a prospective customer was within this geo-fence, a customized, hyperlocal mobile message was served. The offers were only served during peak holiday shopping hours, when busy moms were most likely to be in-market for purchasing quick meals for their families. This way, we reached on-the-go moms as well as new audiences who exhibited the same behaviors and affinities.


In addition, Dstillery matched members of this unique audience back to their desktop devices at home or at work and showed them pre-roll video ads highlighting the brand’s holiday meal offers. Lastly, we drove scale even further by identifying the most-engaged consumers and built additional models that expanded the brand’s message to more consumers who demonstrated similar signs of intent.


Our strategy resulted in a staggering number of video completion rates. Of the nearly 270,000 pre-roll video impressions delivered to the brand’s unique audience, more than 240,000 were viewed to completion. The restaurant chain’s cumulative video completion rate was 90 percent, which was 20 percent above the industry average.

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