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ID-free® Behavioral Targeting and Cookieless Advertising

The only ID-less behavioral targeting solution available today.

Preparing for a Cookieless Future – Why You Need to Act Now

With an increase in online privacy regulations and changing consumer expectations, digital advertising is moving toward a cookieless future. Advertisers will no longer be able to rely on cookies to target potential customers– behavioral targeting and cookieless advertising are the future.

Leveraging technologies like Dstillery’s ID-free® can help maintain campaign effectiveness and compliance.

What is behavioral marketing?

Behavioral based targeting is a marketing strategy that utilizes data on users’ online activities, such as websites visited, and content consumed to deliver targeted ads.

Unlike cookie-based tracking, behavior-based targeting can be enhanced using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to predict user interests and intent, ensuring privacy and relevance without relying on user identification.

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Revolutionary privacy-safe targeting: How ID-free works

ID-free® is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology. It uses advanced AI to analyze anonymous web traffic patterns and predict future behavior without relying on cookies. By understanding the context and sequence of web visits, ID-free can identify relevant audiences and deliver targeted ads effectively.

It delivers scale and privacy for advertisers’ programmatic ad campaigns by predicting the value of an impression to a brand without knowing anything about the user. The patented technology uses AI to learn from browsing patterns detected in de-identified opt-in panel data.

Neural network technology called the Map of the Internet (MOTI) powers ID-free. Using MOTI, we create a model that identifies the best impression opportunities.

The model answers the question: when someone visits this site, how likely will they be interested in your brand’s message?

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Benefits of ID-free targeting

  • Privacy Protection: By eliminating the need for cookies and personal data, ID-Free targeting respects user privacy.
  • Effective Targeting: Utilizes advanced algorithms to target relevant audiences based on behavioral patterns.
  • Future-Proof: Adaptable solution amidst evolving privacy regulations and changes in browser cookie policies.

It’s been getting harder to track & target users — that’s why we created ID-free

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Reaches 100% of ad impressions across the internet

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Scales your model as much or as little as needed to achieve your campaign goals

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Available to activate as a PMP, user segment, or ID-free® integration with The Trade Desk

The future of ad targeting

Just like how AI language models such as ChatGPT learn by predicting the next word in a sentence, ID-free learns by predicting the next website visit in an anonymous user’s online journey. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches 100% of ad impressions and can be used to power a range of Dstillery targeting products.

We can use ID-free to build a just-for-your-brand Custom AI model with first-party data or a Custom Search Lookalikes model with search terms. Or, with our data, we can create a Custom Built or Pre-built model that leverages thousands of behavioral segments.

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ID-free FAQ

ID-free is an AI-powered targeting technology that predicts the best ad impressions for a brand without any user tracking.

ID-free delivers performance and scale for advertisers’ programmatic campaigns. It also solves user privacy issues by not tracking users or creating user profiles. This makes ID-free a perfect solution for cookie deprecation and any privacy laws or regulations, including GDPR.

ID-free is proven to drive both performance and scale. It can be modeled and optimized across the marketing funnel for most key performance indicators (KPIs), but it is most commonly used for upper-funnel campaigns driving qualified reach.

By adding predictive bidding on The Trade Desk, it can also deliver up to 2.5x the performance of cookies for mid- and lower-funnel campaigns (more on this below).

ID-free is a post-cookie solution that also solves problems (performance, scale, and privacy) for advertisers today. It’s not contextual nor an alternative ID; it’s patented technology in a category of its own.

ID-free uses AI to learn privacy-safe browsing patterns and applies these insights to inventory targeting. Think of it like this: ChatGPT understands words based on their use in a sentence. Similarly, ID-free understands website visits based on how they appear in browsing patterns. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches any display, in-app, or CTV ad impression with or without IDs.

Partnering with Dstillery lets you choose the best ID-free activation method for your brand.


Activate via:

  • PMP directly on your DSP.
  • Predictive Bidding supported by The Trade Desk. Rather than making binary ‘buy’ or ‘don’t buy’ decisions, our AI predicts the precise value of each impression to your brand and exactly how much you should pay for it, maximizing every ad dollar.
  • Contextual Integration found in The Trade Desk’s contextual marketplace, available soon!

You can buy off-the-shelf ID-free audiences today on your DSP. If you’re looking for a custom, first-party data-powered ID-free audience, contact your Dstillery representative today or emailcontact@dstillery.com.

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