The only ID-less behavioral targeting solution available today.

Revolutionary privacy-safe targeting

ID-free® is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology that delivers scale and privacy for advertisers’ programmatic ad campaigns by predicting the value of an impression to a brand without knowing anything about the user. The patented technology uses AI to learn from browsing patterns detected in de-identified opt-in panel data.

Neural network technology called the Map of the Internet (MOTI) powers ID-free. Using MOTI, we create a model that identifies the best impression opportunities. The model answers the question: when someone visits this site, how likely will they be interested in your brand’s message? 

It’s been getting harder to track & target users — that’s why we created ID-free

Reaches 100% of ad impressions across the internet

Scales your model as much or as little as needed to achieve your campaign goals

Available to activate as a PMP, user segment, or ID-free® integration with The Trade Desk

The future of ad targeting

Just like how AI language models such as ChatGPT learn by predicting the next word in a sentence, ID-free learns by predicting the next website visit in an anonymous user’s online journey. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches 100% of ad impressions and can be used to power a range of Dstillery targeting products.

We can use ID-free to build a just-for-your-brand Custom AI model with first-party data or a Custom Search Lookalikes model with search terms. Or, with our data, we can create a Custom Built or Pre-built model that leverages thousands of behavioral segments.

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