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by Tom Phillips


At Dstillery, we are constantly thinking about how we can use data to help improve audience prospecting. So our team partnered with Oracle Data Cloud, the industry leader in connecting offline consumer spending to digital marketing, to help CPG brands reach new and more relevant audiences.  


Oracle Data Cloud began by identifying high-propensity brand buyers. We then applied our modeling methodology and behavioral data to build an expanded audience. This powerful combination of Dstillery’s rich behavioral view of consumers and Oracle’s CPG data helps create more relevant targeting and increased advertising effectiveness. Brands can optimize digital campaigns, drive awareness and see increased lift. In addition, Dstillery partners also have access to Oracle Data Cloud’s DLX ROI measurement tools, proving the value of a digital campaign to increase in-store purchases.  


Oracle Data Cloud aggregates and provides insights on over $3 trillion in consumer spending from 1,500 data partners across 110 million households to provide purchase-based targeting and drive more sales. 96 of the 100 top national advertisers, as well as over 200 media partners like Facebook and Twitter, use Oracle Data Cloud to enhance their media.


As a trailblazer in big data intelligence, Dstillery uses a combination of proprietary technology and human intuition to help brands and media companies achieve their marketing objectives. We distill massive data sets to identify patterns in consumer behavior and build custom audiences across multiple channels. Brands and media buyers activate these audiences using Dstillery’s managed service or programmatic self-service platform.


Are you a CPG brand looking to more accurately target your customers and tie online campaigns to offline purchase data?  Contact us today and we can help you connect the dots.