Activate ID-free™ with Deal IDs

deal ids available for id-free
ID-free — the behavioral targeting solution without user tracking — just got easier

Use ID-free without API integration on the DSP of your choice.

Dstillery now supports ID-free on any major DSP without direct API integration. Together with Xandr’s Curate Deal ID product, we create easy-to-use Deal IDs in the Xandr supply exchange that mimic the same privacy-safe targeting that we apply directly via API. 

Whether you’re using ID-free for Custom AI, Custom Built, or Pre-built audiences, we can build your model, help you activate it, and target your audience with Deal IDs.

Why activate ID-free with Deal IDs now?

Quick, easy & available today

It’s easy to integrate Xandr Deal IDs with your DSP and manage your campaigns in-platform. No API integration, no contracts, and no ongoing invoicing.

Your custom model & deal

Once we build your custom model and deal, we ask for your platform and seat ID to ensure they will only be buyable with your seat on your platform.

Great performance without API

We build one to eight deals, depending on the type of audience model, creating your desired audience. You can target them together or separately in your DSP.

Click here to download the one sheet. Contact us to learn more.