AI: Overhyped and Misunderstood?

Greenbook AI, Data Science, Machine Learning

Dstillery summarizes the core concepts of AI, machine learning and data science to help marketers and market researchers demystify these emerging trends and offers insight on how they will impact the martech landscape.


Forrester recently identified that insights-driven businesses grow . at more than 30% each year. Artificial Intelligence will become the . primary tool to drive this competitive advantage. To sift through the noise, it’s critical to understand the basic definitions:

  • Artificial Intelligence: a field of computer science that aims to develop machines that can make highly informed decisions autonomously
  • Machine Learning: an approach to AI where the computer learns from data
  • Data Science: the discipline that takes math and statistics, along with computer science and information theory, and combines them with domain knowledge and business goals to solve real word problems

Data scientists turn business needs to questions an algorithm can . answer, select data input that would best answer the question, choose the algorithm’s parameters, evaluate the models, assess the findings and eliminate bad data that affect data quality.

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