ID-free® Targeting Shines in Goldman Sachs’ Research Report

Exciting news! Our ID-free® targeting solutions were recognized in Goldman Sachs’ equity research report on January 9, 2024.

Under “The Rise of AI” header, the report highlights the increasing difficulty of tracking third-party data signals. Our ID-free targeting technology takes the spotlight as the industry seeks alternatives to methods like third-party cookies and mobile IDs. Leveraging AI, we build audiences and targeting parameters without relying on third-party or personal user data.

In the “What are 3P cookie alternatives” section, the report emphasizes the importance of 1P data obtained through explicit user opt-ins. Our Pre-built & Custom Built Audience solutions are showcased as examples. By obtaining and aggregating behavioral data from logged-in users, we create lookalike audiences for precise targeting — think activating discounts or promotions by prompting users for their email addresses.

“As third-party data signals become harder to track, we expect industry players to leverage AI for solutions that replace prior methods of targeting. One example is Dstillery’s ID-free solutions, which use AI to build audiences and targeting parameters without third-party/personal user data.”

In a landscape where adapting to change is key, we’re at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine targeting.

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