AI: Overhyped and Misunderstood? Chapter 5

AI: Overhyped and Misunderstood? Chapter 5

10 Marketing Predictions on The Future of AI

In this five-part series from Dstillery, their AI, Machine Learning and Data Science experts will help marketers and market researchers demystify these emerging trends and offer ideas for taking action.

In our first four chapters, we’ve cut through the hype of AI by not only sharing our expertise on the subject, garnered from over 10 years experience in the industry; but highlighting what it is, ways that marketers can put it to work for them, and the importance of clean data. In our final entry, we’ve asked some of the leading minds in the space to share their thoughts on where AI is going.

Claudia Perlich, Senior Data Scientist, Two Sigma

It is interesting to observe that AI and marketing have a particularly symbiotic relationship. Many of the recent advances of AI have originated in the tech environments of companies with advertising as a primary business model. In some sense, advertising is not only a primary benefactor of AI and machine learning, but advertising money has financed much of the AI revolution. I am convinced that advertising will continue to be a strong driver of AI innovation in the consumer space.

Jerem Febvre, President and Co-Founder, Sublime Skinz

AI offers the unprecedented ability to leverage technology and data at a level of speed, responsiveness and depth that no human could have reached before. But we’re at a critical point where concerns about humans’ control over technology might slow/stop this whole process. Europe GDPR’s initiative is the best example: will GDPR slow AI’s momentum?

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