CultureWaves and Dstillery Launch VOICE—A Need-based Behavior Segmentation Tool

CultureWaves and Dstillery Launch VOICE—A Need-based Behavior Segmentation Tool

VOICE answers the “why” behind observed consumer behavior to better identify, understand and engage with target audiences.

SPRINGFIELD, MO September 27, 2018CultureWaves, a leading need-based behavior science company specializing in the observation and translation of human behavior, and Dstillery, the leading applied data science company serving the advertising and marketing industries, announce the launch of VOICE—the first real-time, need-based behavior segmentation tool for marketers. VOICE provides actionable insights to identify, understand and engage with target audiences.

VOICE is a combination of Dstillery’s observed behavior signals and CultureWaves’ analyzed need-states data. These two sets of insights provide advertisers with a view into what truly motivates consumers to act, allowing for smarter marketing decisions. Brands in the CPG, retail, restaurant, finance, healthcare, publishing, media, and utilities industries are already using VOICE to understand the real-time drivers that move their audiences to action.

“The future of marketing relies on a data-driven approach, but so much of what’s available is inferred or self-reported, making it less effective,” said Andrew Tasset, VP of Marketing Services, Central Bank of the Ozarks. “VOICE has disrupted the insights and segmentation field, enabling the discovery of what potential customers want, and why they display certain behaviors and preferences.”

“For years, we’ve relied on self-reported data to inform marketing decisions,” said Bob Noble, the CEO of CultureWaves. “Today we need a deeper, personalized understanding of real consumer behavior. VOICE embodies this principle. It combines device-level data, with an overlay of human analysis that allows us to understand what influences consumer behavior. Understanding the why—that’s the Holy Grail for marketers.”

VOICE enables brand marketers to:

  • Understand current audience behaviors, uncover hidden and future audiences, expand engagement, and grow brand share
  • Segment the most valuable audiences by need-based observed behavior to better understand why consumers do what they do
  • Leverage “behavioral” learnings to develop more effective, relevant and disruptive sales messaging efforts
  • Optimize marketing investments through precision-targeted communication strategies and media plans based on intimate knowledge of what motivates various specific groups and where they can be found across the digital landscape

“Increasingly, leaders across various industries are insights-driven companies that rely heavily on data to craft marketing and sales strategies,” said Christopher Lee Boon, SVP of Enterprise Solutions at Dstillery. “VOICE allows us to show brand marketers the power of actionable insights. When brands understand the motivational drivers and messaging nuances that appeal to consumer audiences, they can tap into incremental opportunities that they would otherwise have difficulty finding.”

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About CultureWaves®

CultureWaves is a need-based behavior science company that helps Fortune 500 companies, cities, and brands understand the ‘whys’ of consumer behavior, constituent and visitor behavior, in real time, with the ability to translate said behavior into actionable marketing and innovation insights. Since 2006, CultureWaves behavior scientists use a proprietary need-based analytic tool - Sparcwire®, that observes human behavior thru need-based filters, to deliver a clear look at where consumers have been, are headed, and importantly, how to more effectively reach and influence them now. These timeline insights inform brand strategies and engagement, new product development, and integrated communications outreach custom-tailored to a brand’s specific needs. CultureWaves explains the “why” behind consumer behavior. To learn more, visit

About Dstillery

Dstillery is the marketing & advertising industry's leading applied data science company, helping Fortune 500 companies and brands unlock their growth potential by finding and targeting their highest value prospective customers. Since 2008, Dstillery’s team of data scientists and engineers has earned the industry's top distinctions for brand safety, machine learning innovation and high-performance media activation. We deliver actionable consumer insights from our reference data set of over 300 million anonymous US online and offline behavioral profiles that are updated on a daily basis, driving the full spectrum of marketing research and media business objectives. That’s why marquee brands in Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech use Dstillery’s platform to access insights, data and activation solutions to create more meaningful consumer touch points across multiple channels. To learn more, visit or follow them on Twitter @Dstillery.

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