Dstillery and Captivate Partner to Go Beyond Location-Based Targeting

Dstillery and Captivate Partner to Go Beyond Location-Based Targeting

Audience targeting is getting smarter, and reaching new customers ideal for a given brand’s campaign is getting more feasible thanks to a partnership between location-based digital video network Captivate and marketing intelligence firm Dstillery.

The partnership, announced Tuesday, leverages Dstillery’s predictive technology to help Captivate’s digital video network reach more relevant audiences. The companies are using mobile location data combined with customers’ web browsing activity and data to pinpoint what audiences are exposed to campaigns in Captivate buildings.

Michael Guzewicz, Business Development Manager at Dstillery, told Street Fight via email that where someone goes in the physical world is not completely indicative of who they are.

“For example, a marketer who is trying to reach a healthy eater might want to target people who are going to gyms or Whole Foods,” Guzewicz says. “Going to either of these locations doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going after a healthy diet. I, for one, go to the gym multiple times a week but happily eat chocolate chip cookies anytime I can get my hands on them. However, one who is visiting websites related to healthy eating gives us more confidence that we are indeed targeting people who want a healthy diet.”

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