Industry First: Dstillery and Fuel Cycle Partner to Give Brands Powerful Combination of Primary and Behavioral Research

Industry First: Dstillery and Fuel Cycle Partner to Give Brands Powerful Combination of Primary and Behavioral Research

Enriched Insights Open the Door to Wider Online Audience Targeting

NEW YORK, April 23, 2019 -- Market researchers now have access to the richest view of consumers to drive the most effective digital marketing strategies. Dstillery, the leading custom AI audience partner for agencies and brands, and Fuel Cycle, the leading market research cloud, have announced a partnership that gives businesses a much deeper understanding of their consumers by pairing stated and observed consumer preferences.

Fuel Cycle helps brands connect with their customers through a combination of online communities, product exchanges and panels. Through the partnership, Fuel Cycle customers will now have the ability to enrich their community-based research with Dstillery’s observed behavioral insights, painting a much more detailed picture of consumer interests, preferences, and intent. Armed with this 360-degree view of current and potential customers, companies become better positioned to compete for consumer attention in highly competitive markets such as retail, healthcare, financial services and others.

“The availability of passively collected observed and behavioral data sources to researchers presents significant opportunity for early-adopting brands to gain competitive advantage,” said Kristin Luck, research industry Growth Strategist and Advisor to Dstillery. “The combination of behavioral and primary research data enables brands to act on insights with greater accuracy and granularity than if they rely on traditional survey data alone.”

Fuel Cycle clients can also start using Dstillery custom AI audience data to build branded segments models off of primary market research data. These segments may include consumers who can be classified as brand enthusiasts, or share common interests, such as a sports team or other affinity categories. Brands can then use these enhanced models to find, target and activate a larger population of new potential prospects across various ad buying platforms such as The Trade DeskAppNexusTremor Video DSP and Google Display and Video 360.

“The insights community is turning a corner, understanding that the combination of stated and revealed preferences is the best way to gain true, actionable insight into an audience or prospect base,” said Rick Kelly, Senior Vice President of Products and Research at Fuel Cycle. “Giving our customers access to Dstillery’s trove of behavioral data provides us with a unique blend of primary research and observed behaviors, and sets our clients up for the future.”

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About Dstillery
Dstillery is the leading custom AI audience partner for agencies and brands, helping Fortune 500 companies and brands unlock their growth potential by finding and targeting their highest value prospective customers.

Since 2008, Dstillery’s team of data scientists and engineers has earned the industry's top distinctions for brand safety, machine learning innovation and high performance media activation. We deliver actionable consumer insights from our reference data set of over 300 million anonymous US online and offline behavioral profiles that are updated on a daily basis, driving the full spectrum of marketing research and media business objectives. That’s why marquee brands in Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech use Dstillery’s platform to access insights, data and activation solutions to create more meaningful consumer touch points across multiple channels.

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About Fuel Cycle
Fuel Cycle is the leading research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions. Through online communities, product exchanges, panels, and more, Fuel Cycle offers an easily customizable and robust platform for brands to connect to their customers. With Fuel Cycle, organizations can quickly act upon reliable data to help predict the future of their industry. We provide customer intelligence solutions for organizations across various industries including retail, healthcare, financial services and more.

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