Success Story

Custom Patient Targeting Lowers CPA by 84% Compared to Contextual Targeting

custom patient targeting

In Q1’22, a pharmaceutical client tested Dstillery’s new healthcare product, Custom Patient Targeting, which resulted in an 84% decrease in CPA compared to contextual targeting.

Dstillery Strategy & Solution

Custom Patient Targeting is a new privacy-safe patient targeting solution designed for healthcare brands. It doesn’t rely on user-based targeting, ensuring compliance with all laws, policies, and guidelines from HIPAA, NAI, and DSPs. Using AI-powered predictive modeling, we built a targeting model that bids on individual impressions based on aggregated patient behavior.

Campaign Results & Impact

In addition to increased scale, Custom Patient Targeting was able to deliver 3x more impressions than the contextual targeting solution. Custom Patient Targeting lowered the brand’s CPA by 84% compared to contextual targeting methods, down to $17.34.

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