Success Story

ID-free® Audiences Perform 30% Better Than Competitors

theme park case study

In Q3 of 2022, Dstillery partnered with an amusement park to prospect new visitors. The client utilized the ID-free Dstillery product suite casting a wide net with prospective techniques.


The client leveraged Dstillery’s cookieless ID-free targeting solution to prospect new customers. Dstillery built ID-free models with the following demographics as target groups: Theme Park Researchers, Disney Fans, and Zoo Visitors. To conquest across verticals, we accented these primary audiences with retail-based customer types such as Sunglasses Shoppers, Chain Pizza Buyers, and Fast Fashion Shoppers.


Dstillery’s ID-free model performed 30% below the client’s established threshold for cost per acquisition (CPA), coming in at $13, well under the target goal and beating three other competitor solutions utilized in the same campaign.

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