Success Story

ID-free® Outperforms Contextual CPA by 88%

logistics case study

A transportation and logistics company challenged Dstillery to prospect new members of its niche target of freight shippers. In Q4’20 they tested ID-free® to help drive shipment bookings.


Dstillery split the testing budget between three targeting tactics: ID-free, ID-based Custom AI, and Contextual Targeting. Each campaign was targeted to a unique portion of the trackable web to ensure no person saw ads from more than one tactic. All tactics used the same $2 bid price with all fees baked into the ECPA analysis. No optimizations were applied to help the client better understand the baseline performance for each tactic.


Dstillery’s ID-free generated a CPA of $19.50, 88% below the contextual targeting solution. Our ID-based solution was 94% below the contextual targeting solution.

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