Success Story

Software Company Sales Soar with Custom Audiences

software company

A multinational software services company approached Dstillery to help find new customers to purchase their subscription-based computer-aided design and drafting software application with a goal of $150 cost-per-order (CPO).

Dstillery Strategy & Solution

The client shared their rich first-party data set with Dstillery, allowing us to build Custom AI Models for this campaign. These models assessed over 10 million attributes of the brand’s current customers and compared them to new prospects. Candidates were scored in and out of audiences daily.

Campaign Results & Impact

Activating Dstillery’s Custom AI Audiences, Behavioral Audiences and Ranked Retargeting technology resulted in an efficient CPO of $45, 70% below the client’s original goal. The client also discovered that their customer is more likely to purchase their product on a weekday versus a weekend.

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