Success Story

Tombras Spearheads a Cookie-Free Future, Embracing ID-free®


Tombras is on a mission to become the first fully cookieless agency. That’s where Dstillery’s ID-free® technology comes in.

By powering its targeting with ID-free, not only is Tombras empowering its brands to reach their audiences at scale without cookies, but also exceeding its cookie-based campaign KPIs.

Campaign Strategy

ID-free is our patented AI that learns browsing patterns in panel data to predict the best impressions for a brand without user tracking. Tombras activated ID-free with predictive bidding, a process where our AI predicts the value of each impression for a brand and how much a brand should pay for it. Tombras then used ID-free to target beyond impressions with cookies, with modeled measurement to compare the conversion CPA to cookie-based audience targeting.

campaign results

ID-free drove:

  • 60% better CPA
  • 88% better CPM
  • 7.6x more impressions

Plus, ID-free increased conversions per dollar by over 2.5X!

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