Custom audiences built to


Dstillery’s data-driven custom audiences are designed to reach your target consumers no matter your advertising campaign objective. Whether you’re building brand awareness or driving conversions, our audiences can be used every step of the way.


Custom audiences built

Powered by AI technology and backed by Data Science, our audiences are completely customizable, refreshed daily, and ready to activate whenever you are.

Unleash the power of your first-party data or immediately activate one of our thousands of behavioral, demographic, and location-based audiences to start achieving your campaign goals. Find the targeting solution that is right for you today.

Understand your audience with Audience Studio

With Dstillery’s self-service platform, Audience Studio, you can:

  • Explore, create, and activate audiences on your DSP of choice
  • Learn actionable insights and audience recommendations from time-relevant data
  • Understand how your target audiences interact across the web

What Clients Are Saying

“Dstillery’s audiences are driven by AI ensuring that they are timely and flexible in adapting to the changing marketplace. The onboarding process was simple and they worked with us at each step along the way. The entire partnership has been a pleasure from the beginning.”

Laura K. / Marketing VP (Operations / Product team)

The leading custom audience solutions company

Dstillery is consistently recognized as an AdTech industry leader by the clients who rely on our targeting solutions every day.

Sit down with host and Dstillery CEO, Michael Beebe, as he chats with industry experts about trends ranging from consumer privacy to machine learning developments.

Awards & Patents

2023 Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Data Science

Digiday’s 2022 Technology Awards, Best Data Lead & Best Data Team

Business Intelligence Group 2022 Finalist in AI Excellence Awards

2023 AdExchanger Programmatic Power Players

Officially titled “Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning Models Trained to Predict User Actions Based on an Embedding of Network Locations”

Dstillery’s 18th Patent awarded for Audience Explorer

Officially titled “Machine Learning System and Method To Map Keywords and Records into an Embedding Space”

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