The event, not surprisingly, focused on the intersection of new product innovations, data privacy, and strategic digital marketing within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Event sponsors and speakers shared a common zeal for promoting advanced strategies for enhancing engagement and preserving precision targeting in a privacy-first digital ad landscape.

Our Dstillery involvement, as sponsors, centered on our interest in generating increased awareness and trial for Custom Patient Targeting (CPT), the programmatic ad industry’s only truly ID-free offering, exclusively dedicated to Healthcare. Dstillery’s VP of Healthcare Sales, Michelle Lenzo, presented a session on reaching and exceeding campaign goals using CPT to effectively target a healthcare brand’s best audiences. While the session itself clearly fulfilled its purpose of generating interest, engagement, and requests for follow-up, what has truly made the difference is the continuous flow of meeting requests, as prospects and clients have reached out to learn more. In fact, the event inspired our Healthcare-focused White Paper, Seeking Treatment for Cookie Dependency, which you can download here.

Overall, the event itself exceeded expectations, in terms of participating agencies, brand leaders, and partner organizations, against the backdrop of an ideal retreat-style southern Florida venue. While every event organizer, whether publisher, industry association, or tech player, has its own unique style, MediaPost’s combination of a low-key, relaxed environment combined with cutting-edge educational content struck an ideal balance for discovering and enhancing professional relationships. Further, following the event, the results are speaking for themselves, as interest in CPT, and our many other ID-free® solutions is growing.

Below are our top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Innovations in Pharma & Healthcare Marketing:
    Summit hosts kicked off and maintained discussions throughout the event on the increasing impact of AI on the advertising industry, the accelerating value of first-party data, and the challenges of achieving campaign results as new industry measurement standards are explored. Under this umbrella, many speakers highlighted the importance of understanding and predicting consumer behavior in real-timereal time without compromising privacy. Other notable innovations focused on cookieless tracking, the role of content relevance, brand suitability, and continuing pursuits to ensure diversity & inclusivity.
  2. Digital Marketing Excellence:
    Case studies and award-winning campaign successes demonstrated innovative creative and media applications of digital marketing within pharma companies, stressing the need for more omnichannel programs to provide holistic, seamless customer experiences. Presenters also addressed the importance of transparent, fresh, reliable data sources, focused on multi-dimensional personas, next-gen CRM capabilities, and the need for agency-client relationships to be open, collaborative, agile, and adaptable.
  3. Strategic Marketing Planning:
    In this area, it’s as if, what’s old is new again – or that the O.G. principles are getting a new life, in the era of Generative AI. Brands with in-house programmatic agencies emphasized continuous improvement through experimentation, powerhouse Holdco agencies debated the merits and challenges of AI-enabled global brand campaigns, and predictabiy, the spotlight on delivering ROI continued to glare, especially with so many privacy-focused questions around measurement.

The good news for Dstillery is that this event, and every industry gathering since, has underscored the value of our multi-patented and trademarked ID-free technology. Whether as part of our Healthcare-focused Custom Patient Targeting, our Custom Search Lookalikes, or Audience Brief Genius, we continue to believe 2024 is our year, with a bright, growth-focused future beyond.