Engage Upper Funnel Consumers 72 Hours Before Social Topics Trend

What are Predictive Social Audiences?

Dstillery’s Predictive Social Audiences are custom audiences built by AI technology based on topics predicted to trend 72-hours before their peak. Data sources including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr feed 100 million social posts daily into Dstillery’s custom AI models to create a Predictive Social Audience based on an advertiser’s desired audience segment. Like Dstillery’s other continuously refreshed audiences, Predictive Social Audience members are continuously scored and rescored as conversations and topics change in the social media landscape.

Will Predictive Social Audiences Work for My Brand?

Predictive Social Audiences work for branding advertisers who want the following benefits and the ability to:

  • Discover new customers engaging with content likely to trend
  • Build cultural currency by driving emerging social conversation 
  • Get ahead of trends without chasing them with an audience segment that is always on and constantly updating with AI tech
  • Be top of mind across formats on open web, app, native, audio, and connected TV 

More specifically, Predictive Social Audiences work best for the following Campaign Goals:

  • Reach
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Audience Expansion
  • Relevance with Social Trends

Upper funnel advertisers with the above campaign goals can activate Predictive Social Audiences across all screens and formats like Connected TV, Audio, Native, and Video, everywhere. Please contact us at contact@dstillery.com or your Dstillery sales rep for more information.

A Retail Footwear Advertiser’s Success Story

A major shoe retailer approached Dstillery wanting to insert their brand into pop culture conversations and discover incremental new audiences to engage with their brand. After leveraging Predictive Social Audiences, the advertiser exceeded their KPIs:

  • Click-thru-rate on display was two times above their benchmark
  • New-to-site visits were 95.5% of total visits, which was three times above their display benchmark

The retailer also achieved a halo effect on the parent company’s search performance to drive home the success of using audiences based on predicted social conversations.

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