New capability makes it easier to integrate ID-free™️ into advertising campaigns

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2022Dstillery, the custom audience solutions company, announced today the activation of its ID-free Custom AI solution on any demand-side platform (DSP) via Deal IDs. This new targeting vehicle, made possible in partnership with Microsoft (formerly Xandr), using their curation platform, Microsfot Curate, offers a flexible, easy-to-activate private marketplace (PMP) option that expands the use of ID-free.

ID-free Custom AI

ID-free Custom AI is a patented, privacy-by-design targeting solution that works by reaching inventory, not users, across all internet browsers. It’s a new category of targeting that uses AI to predict the likelihood of conversion based on privacy-safe behavioral signals like URL, geographic area and time of day. ID-free gives agencies and brands the ability to deliver advertising performance that rivals today’s best cookie-based solutions without user tracking. ID-free is neither a new identifier nor is it contextual targeting.

Deal IDs

A Deal ID is a container for inventory that is defined on the supply side to identify relevant impression opportunities, and can be used to express targeting today, and in the cookieless future.

“As programmatic buyers look for alternatives to cookie-based targeting, Deal IDs provide an opportunity for enhancing the distribution of ID-free Custom AI in their strategy,” said Evan Hills, SVP of Strategy & Partnerships, Dstillery. “We’ve already demonstrated the power of ID-free through our buy-side partners – availability via deals will bring even more programmatic media buyers into the fold.”

Through the Microsoft Curate platform, Dstillery will create easy-to-use Deal IDs that offer the same privacy-safe targeting available previously exclusively via APIs on DSPs.

“The agencies buying on our platform are eager for these curated deal IDs, because they’re a critical part of how brands will connect with consumers moving forward as the identity landscape continues to evolve,” said Chris Cattie, Associate Director, Xandr. “With Deal IDs, Dstillery has made it a frictionless experience to tap into rich, privacy-friendly targeting, and we’re proud to be able to provide the platform to help make that possible.”

Digital marketing firms, such as Distillery client KORTX, are already experiencing success using the deal ID method.

“With Deal IDs, we can connect without an external API integration for programmatic ad buys, which means ID-free audiences are easier than ever to activate for clients like Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Since we began using ID-free to help drive more purchases to Tropical Smoothie in March, we’ve experienced a $14.34 CPA for Display and $62.33 for Video, rivaling or even beating results from previous ID-based campaigns. We are proud to be Dstillery’s first partner for execution on Xandr,” said Bryan Presti, Senior Ad Ops Specialist at KORTX.

Deal IDs are now available for all of Dstillery’s ID-free audiences, which include Custom AI, Pre-built and custom-built. To learn more about Dstillery’s ID-free Custom AI, visit

About Dstillery

Dstillery, the custom audience solutions company, empowers brands and agencies to reach their best customers across the programmatic web. Backed by our award-winning data science, Dstillery has earned 16 patents (and counting) for the AI technology that powers our precise, scalable solutions. Our newest innovation, ID-free Custom AI, is a privacy-by-design behavioral targeting solution that performs on par with cookies — without user tracking. Our ID-based premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is a just-for-your-brand targeting solution that continuously scores hundreds of millions of users to deliver the best audiences for your brand. To learn more, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Xandr

Xandr, a part of Microsoft Advertising, powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. Our data-enabled technology platform, encompassing Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize, and Xandr Curate, optimizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers, while maintaining a commitment to an open marketplace and empowering the open web globally.


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