Explore how Dstillery’s ID-free® targeting, an AI-powered technology that predicts ad impressions without user tracking, can enhance your programmatic campaigns in our frequently asked questions.

What is Dstillery’s ID-free® targeting?

ID-free is an AI-powered targeting technology that predicts the best ad impressions for a brand without any user tracking.

What problems does ID-free solve?

ID-free delivers performance and scale for advertisers’ programmatic campaigns. It also solves user privacy issues by not tracking users or creating user profiles. This makes ID-free a perfect solution for cookie deprecation and any privacy laws or regulations, including GDPR.

What are the use cases for ID-free?

ID-free is proven to drive both performance and scale. It can be modeled and optimized across the marketing funnel for most key performance indicators (KPIs), but it is most commonly used for upper-funnel campaigns driving qualified reach. By adding predictive bidding on The Trade Desk, it can also deliver up to 2.5x the performance of cookies for mid- and lower-funnel campaigns (more on this below).

What makes ID-free different from competitors’ solutions?

ID-free is a post-cookie solution that also solves problems (performance, scale, and privacy) for advertisers today. It’s not contextual nor an alternative ID; it’s patented technology in a category of its own.

ID-free uses AI to learn privacy-safe browsing patterns and applies these insights to inventory targeting. Think of it like this: ChatGPT understands words based on their use in a sentence. Similarly, ID-free understands website visits based on how they appear in browsing patterns. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches any display, in-app, or CTV ad impression with or without IDs.

How can I activate ID-free?

Partnering with Dstillery lets you choose the best ID-free activation method for your brand.

Activate via:

PMP directly on your DSP.

Predictive Bidding supported by The Trade Desk. Rather than making binary ‘buy’ or ‘don’t buy’ decisions, our AI predicts the precise value of each impression to your brand and exactly how much you should pay for it, maximizing every ad dollar.

Contextual Integration found in The Trade Desk’s contextual marketplace.

How do I get started?

You can buy off-the-shelf ID-free audiences today on your DSP. If you’re looking for a custom, first-party data-powered ID-free audience, contact your Dstillery representative today or click here to get in touch.