Dstillery is excited to announce the debut of our newest product, Custom Search Lookalikes. Custom Search Lookalikes were born from the observation that our access to unique search and retail signals and 2M+ opt-in panel data could be combined to create a targeting solution that answers the question, “When people search for a specific phrase, where else do they visit frequently on the internet?” – making it easy for brands to identify and target that hard-to-reach consideration audience.

How Did We Build Custom Search Lookalikes?

Powered by Dstillery’s patented ID-free® technology, Custom Search Lookalikes helps advertisers reach the people searching for their brands’ keywords on the inventory most likely to drive their campaign goal. Instead of relying on searches from limited publisher sources, this solution has privacy-safe visibility into consumers’ browsing patterns, including website visits and keyword searches on top search engines and retailer platforms. ID-free® learns these patterns and extends its understanding to all impressions on the internet, scoring and ranking every ad impression on its likelihood of targeting a person searching for a brand’s keywords. The model is available to activate as a PMP or custom bidding algorithm.

Get Started With Custom Search Lookalike Solutions

If you are interested in utilizing Dstillery’s Custom Search Lookalike solutions, one of our sales team members will work with you to understand your brand’s best keywords based on what your customers are most likely to search for. From there, we’ll build our model and learn the browsing patterns of those searching those brand keywords and build your custom model. After that, activation is as simple as activating a PMP; we’ll send the Deal ID directly to your seat in your DSP. We’re excited to make this product available to everyone. This product allows us to offer something truly custom without brands having to share their first-party data that is available the moment you need it. Contact us today to get started.