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Introducing DST POV

Welcome to DST POV, a video series sharing Dstillery’s Point of View on the topics shaping the AdTech industry today.

Sit down with your host and Dstillery CEO, Michael Beebe, as he chats with industry experts about trends ranging from consumer privacy to machine learning developments. Keep scrolling to watch the latest videos.

How does Dstillery use first-party data to seed an ID-free™ model?

Our Senior Client Success Manager, Sarah Baumer, outlines the options for leveraging first-party data in an ID-free™ model.

How does ID-free differ from contextual targeting?

Our Product Manager, Teydin Hall, describes how Dstillery’s cookieless solution, ID-free, differs from traditional contextual solutions.

How is Dstillery solving user privacy at face value?

Our Chief Data Scientist, Melinda Han Williams, explains how Dstillery’s ID-free solution shifts the focus from targeting the person to identifying the most valuable impression for a brand’s advertisement.

Navigating the Economic Environment: How Dstillery Helps Clients

Patti Boyle, Dstillery CMO, discusses how we work with clients to assess their real-time KPIs. By combining our ID-based and ID-free solutions, brands can stretch their budgets and improve performance.

How does ID-free apply to the healthcare industry?

Our VP of Analytics, Gilad Barash, describes how our healthcare-specific solution, Custom Patient Targeting, doesn’t rely on user-based targeting. The solution is 100% compliant with all laws, policies, and guidelines from HIPAA, NAI, and DSPs.

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