Adweek Outlook 2024

Hosted by: Adweek
January 23, 2024 11:35 AM ET

During Adweek’s Outlook 2024 event, Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, and Alexander Potts, SVP, Programmatic Media Lead at Tombras, took the stage to discuss the critical topics at the intersection of advertising, user privacy, and the cookie deprecation era. 

In their session titled Fueling Cookieless Targeting with AI, they highlighted:

  • How AI can deliver both campaign performance and user privacy
  • The strategic shift towards AI and self-supervised learning — enabling advertisers to do more with less data
  • Tombras’s journey to becoming the first cookieless agency — dispelling the myth of a one-size-fits-all solution
  • and more!

Watch the recording today.

Watch the recording:
Presented by:
Melinda Han Williams
Chief Data Scientist Dstillery
Alexander Potts
SVP, Programmatic Media Lead Tombras