MediaPost – Brand Insider Summit: Pharma & Health

Hosted by: MediaPost
February 16, 2023 3:30 PM ET

Dstillery was a proud sponsor of the conference from February 15-18, 2023, in La Jolla, California.

Like it or not, we’re all DTC brands now. Changes in the medical supply chain, the media universe and the patient journey have forced all pharma, medical and healthcare brands to reallocate towards digital channels that promise more direct access to new customers than legacy media.

At the Winter edition of MediaPost’s Pharma and Healthcare Brand Insider Summit, marketers from leading pharmaceutical, medical services and OTC brands shared what is working in this great transition to: data-driven, patient-first models, digital-first patient journeys, managing (and listening to) the outside influence of social channels and creating relationships over increasingly virtual engagements.

What we explored:

  • DTC customer acquisition
  • Better social listening
  • Recession-proofing healthcare brands
  • Organizing for earned and paid social media impact
  • Direct-to-HCP opportunities
  • CRM and the ongoing conversation with customers
  • Breaking through creative cliches  

The old intermediaries are dissolving as patient-first models demand that health marketers master every DTC channel if they want to reach and retain. The MediaPost Brand Insider Summit is a uniquely intimate format that allows pharma and healthcare marketers to share their best approaches to solving for the DTC challenge.

Dstillery sponsored a Lunch Presentation on Thursday, February 16 at 12:30pm PT, hosted by Scott Olson, Account Director of Healthcare, on The Future of Patient Targeting: Reaching Qualified Patients With Less Waste and No Cookies.

During the session, Scott Olson discussed how advancements in AI are changing the game for healthcare advertising. Dstillery’s new solution, Custom Patient Targeting, uses patented machine learning to build a just-for-your-condition model that offers precise yet scalable targeting that meets stringent regulations and privacy guidelines.

Your custom model is seeded with data from real-world data, advanced search terms, and an opt-in, de-identified panel. This technique focuses your budget on the right patients at the right inventory moments based on aggregated behaviors, not context. It provides precision targeting that is unheard of in the industry today, reducing campaign waste drastically. Watch the recording today.

Watch the recording:
Presented by:
Scott Olson
Account Director, Healthcare Dstillery