Limitless Possibilities with Data-Driven Audience Insights

Audience Insights


Who are your customers? What interests them? Which physical and digital behaviors signal they’re ready to buy? With data updated every day, these are the types of questions Audience Insights helps brands answer.

As soon as users log into Audience Insights, they immediately see a comprehensive dashboard of the different nuances of their consumers, updated on a daily basis. From there, users can easily dive into each audience trait as well as make comparisons to discover the strongest potential audiences to activate.


  • Before spending any media dollars, we can tell you who your best audiences are Ÿ
  • Audience Insights directly pulls from real-time data across the web as well as physical locations Ÿ
  • Full transparency into the makeup of each of your audiences based on observed vs. reported behaviors Ÿ
  • Compare and benchmark your audiences against Dstillery’s exclusive suite of crafted and location-based audiences Ÿ
  • Immediately activate audiences from
  • Audience Insights in our DSP or your platform of choice


With Audience Insights brand strategists, consumer insights professionals, market researchers, media planners and data analytics teams have limitless possibilities to take action.

Real-life examples: 

  • Validate your audiences and develop new relevant customer personas Ÿ
  • Craft more personalized messaging and creatives Ÿ
  • Directly activate audiences found within our portal – immediately target digital campaigns, through our own DSP or brands’ platform of choice


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