Find Your Best Audiences with Audience Rank


In partnering with Dstillery, you have several audience strategies to activate: First party audiences, Dstillery’s Crafted Audiences, Dstillery’s Location Audiences and other partners’ third-party audiences. How do you decide which ones to run for your campaign?

As a directional guide, Audience Rank instantly surfaces the best audiences to use based on your campaign’s goals and objectives. Our easy color-coded visualization provides a side-by-side comparison of all your audience tactics against projected reach and performance.


Instantly discover which audiences best align with your goals.

Audiences located towards the top left of the graph represent high projected performance but low reach. On the other hand, audiences positioned towards the bottom right of the graph provide massive reach but project lower performance. Dstillery’s Crafted and Location Audiences offer solutions that balance these two primary objectives. Immediately activate each audience in our own DSP or your platform of choice.


Understand audience reach effectiveness. Learn how much of each audience overlaps with your brand’s audience.