Introducing: Custom Search Lookalikes

custom search lookalikes
Find the best inventory that targets people searching your brand’s keywords.

Dstillery’s Custom Search Lookalikes is a custom targeting solution that finds the best inventory that targets people searching for your brand’s keywords.

Powered by Dstillery’s ID-free® technology and an opted-in panel, Custom Search Lookalikes has unique visibility into the digital journey behaviors of millions of people, including website visits and keywords inputted into the largest search engines on the internet. With this data, we’re able to answer the question: “When people search for a specific keyword, where else do they visit frequently on the internet?” Our patented ID-free® technology then extends this understanding to all websites on the internet, scoring and ranking every ad impression on its likelihood of targeting a person searching for a brand’s keywords. 

In terms of activation, this model is super easy to activate being available as a user-based segment, a custom bidding algorithm, or a PMP.

Learn more about Custom Search Lookalikes by downloading our one sheet or contacting us today.