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Jessica Hoenes
RVP Sales, Midwest

Jessica oversees sales activity in the Midwest and portions of the Southwest. Her team is focused on crafting customized digital programs to a growing list of clients, via direct conversations with brand marketers or through their agency holding companies and trading desks.


Jessica brings a decade of experience to her role. She has been pioneering the ad tech space with Dstillery since 2010, prior to that she was bringing marketing intelligence to the sales teams at Google. She’s passionate about the industry and in relentlessly pursuing solutions that not only satisfy marketer objectives, but also aid in the consumer journey to purchase.

Jessica holds a BSBA in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Let Dstillery Find Your Next Customers

We create data-driven marketing solutions that are brand-specific, cross-channel, and tuned to perform.  And we deliver those solutions via platform or API, at whatever service level makes sense for you.