Atmosphere and Dstillery Bring New Audience Targeting Opportunities to Out-of-Home Video

Dstillery Atmosphere Partnership press release

Custom Audiences and Location Insights Empower Brands and Agencies To Execute More Efficient, Targeted OOH Video Campaigns

NEW YORK , June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dstillery, the leading custom audience solutions partner for agencies and brands, and Atmosphere, the ambient entertainment platform formerly known as Chive TV, have announced a partnership that deepens Atmosphere’s audience targeting capabilities by using Dstillery’s audiences and insights.

The partnership leverages data from Dstillery’s Audience Studio platform to identify which audiences are present in locations running Atmosphere’s platform. This will allow brands and agencies to efficiently reach specific consumer groups in high-concentration areas through out-of-home advertising.

“Digital capabilities and increased access to data are quickly changing how advertisers plan and execute out-of-home campaigns,” said Riley Floyd, OOH Strategist at Atmosphere. “Atmosphere is a data-centric out-of-home platform, and this partnership with Dstillery helps us offer brands and agencies richer data to make smarter decisions. Dstillery’s wealth of location and behavioral insights, plus the ability to use marketer first-party data, helps us turn digital out-of-home from a broad to a very focused, targeted channel.”

Brands are already leveraging the combined power of Atmosphere and Dstillery to target specific audiences around the country. For example, one video game company is using Dstillery’s video game audience to identify approximately 800 bars within the entire Atmosphere network that demonstrate higher concentrations of video game enthusiasts.

“Through this partnership we can serve as the advertiser’s ‘OOH DMP’ using mobile device and location data for attribution working with third party vendors, like Foursquare and client preferred vendors to do the measurement. We now also have the ability to retarget mobile users seen at Atmosphere venues further amplifying OOH campaigns where mobile CTR’s can be 3-4x higher,” said Eric Spielman, Chief Strategy Officer at Atmosphere.

“As more media channels spring up, it gets harder and harder to reach consumers with appropriate messaging,” said Michael Guzewicz, Strategic Development Manager at Dstillery. “Atmosphere has developed an engaging OOH platform that draws eyeballs in public settings, opening the door for advertisers to deliver messages that are matched to the location and the audience density. We’re excited to work with a company on the front lines of targeted OOH media and streaming media and continue pushing the capabilities of audience targeting.”

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About Atmosphere
Atmosphere is a first-of-its-kind OTT streaming platform for businesses and consumers, offering original, owned and operated ambient TV channels. The platform has been built from the ground up with proprietary content, technology and data to deliver unparalleled experiences for businesses, consumers and advertisers. The platform also provides a digital signage feature for businesses to run their house promotions within the content. The business was incubated under Chive Media Group and spun out in 2019. For more information, visit

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